Choosing the Right Gear

We have lots of different leashes to choose from, each designed with different uses in mind. Here, we'll provide in-depth details for each to help you decide which leash fits best for your pup. If you ever need help picking one, email us and we'd be happy to help!

Atlas BioThaneĀ® Lead - Bolder K9



The Atlas Leash was our first official leash design we made and it has remained one of our most popular leashes since. It is a basic two-color leash that offers high levels of customization given its simplicity.

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casual use + multi-functional

The Voyager Leash is one of our flagship items. It has an aesthetic, timeless look with a multi-functional tab, that can be used as an emergency slip lead, doggie bag holder, or collar backup. Its two-color design allows for extended creativity and personalization.

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Element BioThaneĀ® Lead - Bolder K9


training + working use

The Element Leash pays homage to the original leashes we made for True North GSD Rescue, before we started officially selling online. This leash takes an all-function, no-frills design that specifically fits the needs of trainers for all levels.

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Trailblazer Braided BioThaneĀ® Lead - Bolder K9

trailblazer leash

training + working use

The Trailblazer Leash takes the Element Leash up an extra notch with a fully integrated braid for a timeless leather-like design. The braid adds extra durability and strength at the clip.

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Tiny But Mighty BioThaneĀ® Lead for Small Dogs and Puppies - Bolder K9

tiny but mighty

small dogs + puppies

The Tiny But Mighty leash was specifically designed for small dogs and puppies, named after our own family Chihuaha, Ben. This leash brings all the benefits of BioThane to a smaller stage, with narrower BioThane and a lighter clip.

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Why add a traffic handle?

Traffic handles have a variety of use case scenarios, but one basic function in mind: giving you more control of your pup when you need it most. Whether you're hiking, walking around the city, or visiting a local pet friendly store, a traffic handle allows you to keep your pup close for their safety and comfort.