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How to Care for Your BioThane Tug Toy

How to Care for Your BioThane Tug Toy - Bolder K9

Our tug toys are built to last under proper care and use. Our longest lasting tug is currently at 2 years and still going strong!

By following a few basic guidelines, you will have your new BioThane tug toy for a very long time and get tons of playtime and training out of it.

Proper Use

There are a few ways you can use your new BioThane tug toy properly to extend the lifespan as long as possible.

  1. Using it as a fetch toy: Our BioThane tugs are frequently used as fetch toys, including by ourselves! They make a great fetch toy as you don't have to pick up a dirty, slimy ball. You get the luxury of picking up your dog's favorite toy by a handle! While playing fetch, it is important to make sure your pup does not chew on the handle or the BioThane itself. Always encourage holding the tug by the ball even when retrieving. The ball is the most durable part of the tug for your dog to handle regularly. 
  2. Using it as a tug toy: You should always encourage your pup to target the ball, and never the handle, as it will extend the lifespan of our products. You also want to encourage a "standard pull", where your pup grabs the ball and you grab the handle. With some of our newer tugs that use sewing, this is especially important!

Daily Care

When you are or are not using your tug, there are steps you can take to ensure longevity of your new toy. 

  1. Do not leave it with your pup unattended: Our BioThane tug toys are not chew toys, which means it is possible for your dog to chew through the handle material. Whenever you are not actively playing or training with your pup and one of our tug toys, we suggest it is kept out of reach from your pup.
  2. Clean and dry: Whether your new tug uses Chicago screws or thread to bond the BioThane, it is important that your tug is completely clean and dry after each use. All of the hardware we use is solid brass (and plated different colors) with the exception of our nickel bolt snap. This means our products won't rust, but they can tarnish over time. Cleaning your tug toys with soap and water (or even a light rinse if they're not too dirty) and completely drying will keep them looking great for much longer. Additionally, if you purchased one of our sewn BioThane tug toys, you can avoid any discolorations or buildup on the thread with routine cleaning.

At the end of the day, nobody is perfect! And accidents do happen.

That's why we sell replacement handles for our Voyager tug at a discounted cost, instead of replacing the entire toy.

If you ever have any questions about the best ways to care for your new BioThane tug toy, please reach out to us at! 

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