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Element BioThane® Long Line, Extended Dog Leash, Long Dog Leash

Element BioThane® Long Line, Extended Dog Leash, Long Dog Leash

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Proceeds are donated to True North GSD Rescue, a Pacific Northwest based dog rescue.

This leash is how we got started making BioThane products. When we were making leashes for True North GSD Rescue's fosters and adopted pups, we chose a very straightforward design: a no-frills, all function approach. The Element leash is tried and true. It's perfect for every walk, training session, or hike through the muddy Pacific Northwest. It's dependable, strong, and incredibly durable.

Primary is for the leash (main section). This leash is currently only available in solid, single colors. This leash is only available in 5/8" standard beta BioThane®.

Our Element Long Line is available only in solid brass hardware. We use a heavy duty 3/4" solid brass bolt snap and solid brass Chicago screws.

Durable, functional, easy to clean, and incredibly strong: our handcrafted Biothane leashes are made to withstand it all. With a break strength of over 700 lbs., these leashes are designed to handle any size dog from Chihuahuas to German Shepherds.

Our Element Long Line leashes come standard with 5/8" beta genuine BioThane®.

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