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Voyager BioThane® Traffic Lead

Voyager BioThane® Traffic Lead

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Profits are donated to True North GSD Rescue, a Pacific Northwest based dog rescue.

Durable, easy to clean, and incredibly strong: our handcrafted Biothane leashes are made to withstand it all. With a break strength of over 700 lbs., these traffic leads are designed to handle any environment, especially urban environments where keeping your pup close and safe is a priority.

Our leashes come standard with 3/4" super heavy genuine BioThane® and heavy duty stainless steel (with respective silver/gold/black plating) welded o-rings, so they are attachable to other leashes.

WE CAN MAKE THEM LONGER for additional cost. Reach out to us and we'll get you something customized!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Great length! They were able to work with me to get it braided since one isn’t offered braided. They were also able to make this traffic lead attach to a hands free leash as needed! Great products! I will be purchasing from them again! I highly recommend them!

Traffic Lead

Love the white and gold traffic lead I got! I’ve also bought a collar and leash. Everything in this shop is great and high quality! :)

Thanks for the great review, Heather! We also loved making the white traffic lead - it's such a stunning color that also photographs really well Enjoy!

Alyssa K
Sturdy leash

I love biothane leashes and I love that this company donates their proceeds back to a shelter- it’s truly a win win! I bought an 8ft Hands free and a 2ft traffic handle and both are great. The carabiner is the spin/lock kind. I love my color combination. I do wish there were some more pictures of each variety of product, as that might have changed my purchase of a 2ft traffic handle to a 1ft. Great product though and right in time for rainy PNW walks!

Austin Austin
Super High Quality Traffic Lead

I was unsure when I first bought it if it would smell or anything. But, it is amazing and great for training around the house or outside.

Justin Mayo
Impressed. 100% satisfied

I ordered the trailblazer tug toy. I liked the look of the braided biothane. They also made a custom traffic lead with the braided look, it came out amazing! We are learning to tug on the ball and not the handle currently!

Thank you for this great review, Justin! It was a blast getting to make a custom traffic handle for you and Miley - we hope you enjoy it with the tug!