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Built with Tough Love: The Bolder K9 Bite Tug

Built with Tough Love: The Bolder K9 Bite Tug

Built with Tough Love: The Bolder K9 Bite Tug

The Bolder K9 Bite Tug is our newest addition to our extensive lineup of BioThane tug toys. We’ve personally designed all of our tug toys with pups and their humans in mind, for durability, comfort, and of course, fun. The Bolder K9 Bite Tug isn’t just a toy, it’s a portal to a world of a happy, healthy, playful companionship with your best friend.

The Power of Play

To best understand why the Bolder K9 Bite Tug is such a great choice for you and your pup, you first need to know why positive play is so impactful to your relationship. If you’re just looking for a casual tug sesh with your dog, playing tug is more mentally stimulating and physically demanding than simpler exercise methods such as fetch or a walk. It also gives you an opportunity to incorporate training, such as obedience or agility, throughout the session to further the reinforcement. Beyond play, positive play is a great way to extend training sessions that would otherwise be limited by a fixed amount of food. Whenever a dog uses its jaws to bite or tug, endorphins are released creating a more positive and memorable reward experience.

Now, Let’s Talk tug

There are a lot of tug toys to choose from out on the market, but ours is different. Not only do we have some of the highest level of customization imaginable, we’re using incredibly durable and comfortable materials. 

Our fabrics (currently 3 patterns available, and we’re adding more soon) are either Ballistic Nylon or Cordora® HP, both with Denier levels beyond 1000, making them extremely durable, abrasion resistant, and water repellant. We overfill each tube with genuine Polyfil® for a firm yet biteable experience.

Then, we create handles out of SuperHeavy BioThane®, the go-to choice for K9 handlers across the country. It’s waterproof, odor-free, vegan-friendly and incredibly comfortable to use as a handler, when compared to more traditional rope, nylon or jute options. 

Built for Heavy Tuggers

Our Bite Tugs have been thoroughly tested with high drive working breeds, specifically German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Czech Shepherds, and Dutch Shepherds (to name a few). Despite strong grips, heavy pulling, and continuous use, our tug holds up. We specifically select durable and high quality materials down to the thread, which is commonly used to repair boat sails. Every stitch makes a difference to create an aesthetic, functional, and long-lasting tug toy.

Our Commitment to Rescue

Like with all of our items, we donate 100% of profits from sales to a local German Shepherd rescue called True North GSD Rescue, located in Washington State. Which means that each of your purchases are directly positively impacting the lives of German Shepherds in need. 

Invest in Happy Hounds and Happy Homes

The Bite Tug isn't just a toy, it's an investment in a deeper connection with your dog, a healthier lifestyle for your furry friend, and a chance to give back to the canine community. Ditch the boredom and unleash the fun. Order your Bite Tug today and watch your dog's tail wag faster than ever before!

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