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Introducing BOLD Dogs: Incredible Pups that Use Our Gear

Introducing BOLD Dogs: Incredible Pups that Use Our Gear

Meet Hank:

The remarkable 5.5-year-old Czech Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix who has transitioned from a dedicated patrol dog to a CNCA Certified Explosives Detection K9, safeguarding events across Oregon. With a keen nose and unwavering dedication, Hank, alongside his handler, plays a crucial role in ensuring public safety at major events. In this feature, we celebrate Hank's achievements and highlight how our Bolder K9 gear supports his important work.

Hank's Journey from Patrol to Explosives Detection

Hank has had an impressive career, from his early days as a patrol dog to his current role as a single-purpose Explosives Detection K9. He works on a daily basis with his handler to ensure he excels in such a demanding field. 

Ensuring Safety at Major Events

Hank works many gigs across the West Coast, but a few of his recent jobs will have you amazed! He's sniffed his way around high-profile concerts, thrilling Motocross events, and Portland Trailblazers games. Each of these jobs requires him to check thousands of people and locations around the events to ensure everyone's safety.

The Essential Gear for a K9 Hero

But, it's our job to make sure Hank and his handler have the best gear possible for their rigorous work. Here are the pieces Hank uses on a daily basis that we handmade especially for him:

  • Professional Sewn Leash:¬†Our Sewn BioThane Professional Leash is perfect for high-demand, heavy use working dogs like Hank. Being sewn, it is strong yet incredibly lightweight - perfect for a K9 and their handler alike. It's also fully waterproof and can handle high use¬†on a daily basis.
  • Custom "Working K9" Collar:¬†To ensure Hank is not interrupted during his work, we created a high-visibility, extra wide BioThane collar with "Working K9" in reflective white vinyl for Hank to wear when he's on the clock.¬†
  • Element Sewn Tug Toy:¬†Throughout Hank's job, he depends on a good play session with his Sewn BioThane Tug Toy as a reward. A great, high-quality tug toy is an essential piece of gear in any handler's toolkit.

Hank's Upcoming Adventures

Next up, Hank will be branching into California to hit new challenges and adventures that await him and his handler. As he travels state to state, venue to venue, and sniff to sniff, they depend on our gear to ensure safety and reliability. No matter what the environment looks like, we have the gear for them.

A Tribute to Hank and His Handler

Thank you Hank (and handler!) for your dedication and service to keeping our community safe, and for trusting Bolder K9 with your gear. We wholeheartedly appreciate the hard work you and the many other detection dogs in the 


Hank's story is a testament to the bravery, skill, and dedication of K9 units nationwide. As he prepares for his next mission in California, we are reminded of the critical role these heroes play in keeping our communities safe. We at Bolder K9 are proud to support Hank and his handler with high-quality, durable gear designed for the most demanding tasks.

Join us in celebrating Hank and the countless other K9 heroes across the nation. Explore our range of Bolder K9 gear, trusted by professionals to meet the rigorous demands of their important work. 

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