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Picking the Right Leash

Picking the Right Leash - Bolder K9
Find the perfect leash that best fits you and your pup's lifestyle. All of our handmade leashes feature BioThane which is waterproof, easily cleanable, anti-microbial, and vegan. We use the highest quality hardware to make sure your adventure doesn't have to end.



When it comes to overall strength and durability, our Trailblazer leash is at the top. BioThane has a break strength of over 700 lbs., while the frog-style clip has a working weight over 600 lbs. Integrating a braid and three heavy duty Chicago screws further solidifies that strength and durability for continuous use. There is also an oversized O-ring carefully selected to fit the frog-style clip for convenient storage while not in use.
The Trailblazer leash is available in all of our standard colors of BioThane. We have also included our standard silver (nickel) and upgraded gold (solid brass) bolt snaps for those who don't want a frog-style clip with black hardware.



 The Element was created with one simple task in mind: dependability. Its simple design makes it not only a strong leash option, but also easier to clean than our other leashes. It's deal for heavy duty, continuous use, such as training, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

It is a classic, basic leash that is designed for a first-time BioThane leash or a 10th time.



We created the Voyager leash to be highly functional in a variety of settings. Every Voyager leash comes standard with an integrated slip lead ring made of BioThane. This piece can be used as a slip lead or as a convenient place to strap the leash around your body or waist. We've also designed this leash to have a timeless and classic look.
This leash is available in all of our standard colors of BioThane as well as gold, silver, and black hardwares with various types of clips.



When it comes to simplicity with high functionality, our Atlas leash never disappoints. It is our preferred leash when working with rescue or training, or anyone who needs something dependable without many bells and whistles. Its simplistic style makes it easy to use and highly reliant no matter the situation.
This leash is available in all of our standard colors of BioThane as well as gold, silver, and black hardwares with various types of clips.

Tiny But Mighty


We brought all of the benefits of our standard BioThane leashes to a smaller stage. With our Tiny But Mighty leashes, small dogs and puppies get beautiful, vibrant, and reliable BioThane leashes at a fraction of the weight. 

These leashes are intended to be used with small dogs and puppies (or in general, light pullers).

Custom Options

We have created many custom leashes for pawrents looking for something completely tailored to their dog and their needs. We work closely with those looking for something highly customized to ensure we create exactly what their vision is. Here are a few examples of custom leashes we've made in the past to spark your creativity:
  • 20' long leash with auto-locking carabiner & integrated collar back-up lead
  • 2' traffic lead with additional traffic handle
  • 4' Trailblazer short leash with integrated traffic handle
  • 6' Atlas leash with integrated traffic handle
    If you're looking for something custom, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can make your vision come to life!
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