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Training with Toys vs. Treats

Training with Toys vs. Treats
Training with your dog is not only an important aspect of pet ownership, it helps build and maintain a healthy bond between you and your best friend. Not only is training a great way to build confidence, it also stimulates them both mentally and physically.
The most common way to train your dog is with treats, but we're here to tell you there's another way: with toys.
In the real world, training with treats isn't always realistic, as you don't always have treats on you. Also, you can run out of treats *dog gasp*. You're also left with a bag used over and over for treats that smell so bad they make you regret buying them in the first place, but your dog loves them.
The good news is: tugs never run out. And, as an added bonus, our BioThane tugs are odor-resistant and fully washable with just some soap and water. How nice is that?
So, let's talk about some of the benefits of training your dog with toys instead of treats:
  1. Better for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. If you have rescue dogs like us, you don't always know their allergy history without getting expensive testing. While you can give your best guess, you also can take the guess work out of the equation by using a toy to train instead of food
  2. They promote more interaction and engagement. Playing with your dog is engaging with their natural instincts. Dogs build bonds over playtime, so training can be seen as an opportunity to strengthen your connection. The more you train, the better their engagement and focus will become
  3. They promote healthy habits, like exercise and mental stimulation. If you don't have enough room to run your dog far distances, or maybe your dog doesn't get tired after running long distances, training with toys could be your perfect solution. Not only does it exhaust them physically, it also stimulates their brain, making them think, adapt, and overcome. These are essential skills to build confidence in your pup.
If you are looking to build toy drive in your pup, we recently wrote another post with step-by-step processes for all age ranges, which you can find here.
Using toys, like our BioThane tugs, during training sessions instead of treats can have numerous benefits for both the handler and the pup. Whether you're a seasoned dog trainer or just starting out, consider incorporating dog toys into your training routine!
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