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Trailblazer Hands-Free BioThane® Adjustable Cross-Body Dog Leash

Trailblazer Hands-Free BioThane® Adjustable Cross-Body Dog Leash

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Description: Versatile and built for the bold, the Trailblazer Hands-Free BioThane® Adjustable Leash is the pinnacle piece of gear for every adventure. Function meets aesthetic with a minimalist design and beautiful hand braided ends. Each part of this leash is completely made to order, making your own leash unique to you and your pup.

Profits are donated to True North GSD Rescue, a Pacific Northwest based dog rescue.

Experience the freedom of hands-free walking. Our leash boasts three unique adjustable tabs that adjust to any fit, allowing you to wear it cross-body, around the waist, or as a traditional leash. The flexibility of this hands-free leash adapts to your preferred walking style, and is ready for both urban adventures and rugged hikes.

* Multi-Functional Sliding Tab: The sliding tab can convert the leash into a slip lead in emergency situations, adding an extra layer of safety and utility during your outings.
* Fixed Ring for Hitch/Handle: Secure your furry friend close by when you stop by your favorite dog-friendly spots or when you want this leash as a standard, conventional lead.

Choose from a variety of lengths to match your walking habits:
* 6 ft (72 inches end to end) - Ideal for close control in busy areas.
* 7 ft (84 inches end to end) - Our recommended length for versatile use.
* 8 ft (96 inches end to end) - Great for more freedom on open trails.
* 10 ft (120 inches end to end) - Perfect for training sessions and the most freedom on open trails.
All sizes use 3/4" super heavy BioThane as standard.

* Primary Color: Select for the main leash section.
* Secondary Color: Choose for the handle and tab for a personalized touch.

Our hardware selection is designed to offer both aesthetics and functionality:
* Frog-style and Swivel carabiner clips in black with matching black solid brass hardware.
* Classic solid brass or nickel-plated alloy clips for a traditional look.

Consider our fixed traffic handles for additional control in crowded spaces. These 7" handles, featuring your secondary color choice, can be positioned near the clip or at a 2-foot length from it.

Make it uniquely yours with a name stamp (up to 12 characters), adding a personal touch that's as close to engraving as it gets.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Great customer service. Friendly communication.


Already have used it multiple times! Definitely my favorite leash. They were super flexible and customizable! I would definitely recommend!!!

Alexys Carreno
Hands free leashes

I got 2 of the braided hands free leashes and my 2 pullers LOVE them. I love knowing they are attached to me if for any reason I have to let go of the leash and I love that they don’t pull nearly as much as handle leashes. My husky mix and Australian Shepard love these leashes and I do too! It’s so nice to take both at once and not worry about anyone slipping away! Very high quality materials and look gorgeous as well!

Salena Loredo

Beautiful color and quality


Love it. Colors are great and love the name stamps

Thank you for the great review! We are so happy to hear you love your new Braided Hands-Free BioThane leash, and hope you get lots of great adventures out of it!