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Voyager Hands-Free BioThane® Adjustable Cross-Body Dog Leash

Voyager Hands-Free BioThane® Adjustable Cross-Body Dog Leash

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The Voyager Hands-Free BioThane® Adjustable leash is a beautiful, functional, simplistic leash that exceeds your everyday needs. This hands-free leash features an adjustable sliding tab with an o-ring to fit any style of walking, whether it's cross-body, over the shoulder or around the waist. The unique handle can also be used as a hitch, so your pup can stay by your side when visiting dog-friendly places. The tab is also multifunctional in that it can convert to a slip lead in case of an emergency. These leashes come standard with Genuine 3/4" Super Heavy BioThane.

- Cross body leash
- Over shoulder leash
- Waist leash
- Hitch leash

We have multiple length options for different use cases. We measure the length WITH the handle, and end-to-end measurements are provided below. Our recommendation for most cases is the 6.5 foot length. This leash can be configured to be worn over the shoulder, around the waist, cross body, or as a normal leash.
- 5 ft is 70 inches end-to-end
- 6.5 ft is 88 inches end-to-end
- 8 ft is 106 inches end-to-end
- 10 ft is 130 inches end-to-end

Profits are donated to True North GSD Rescue, a Pacific Northwest based dog rescue.

Primary is for the leash (main section) and secondary is for the handle + tab section.

We have several different types of hardware and clip offerings:
- Frog-style (black) with black solid brass hardware
- Swivel carabiner (black) with black solid brass hardware
- Solid brass (gold) with gold solid brass hardware
- Nickel plated alloy clip (silver) with silver solid brass hardware

We can personalize your item with a name stamp of your choice (up to the 12 characters long). Please choose "Yes" when checking out and then provide the name in the personalization section. These name stamps are closest to engraving.

*Please note that ANY black clip will wear and tear faster than traditional brass or nickel plated silver.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sarah McKnight
Obsessed with my hands free leash

The quality is incredible and I absolutely love the design and colors. I’m beyond impressed with this leash!

Ken, Bethy, and Taro

We love our crossbody leash: the quality, the style, the features, everything. We love that it’s handmade and we love the dedication to helping rescues. We will definitely be recommending Bolder K9 to friends and family and purchasing more products in the future! Did I mention the amazing customer service? It is the BEST! We are very happy to have stumbled upon Bolder K9. Taro thanks Bolder K9 too!


Love this leash, been great for working and hiking.

Love this leash!

Amazing quality and beautiful colors!!

K. Murphy
Best leash!

Our second leash from Bolder K9. They’re truly the best leashes for our strong pitty. Great quality and look fantastic! We love the versatility of the hands-free option!