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Choosing the Right Tug for Your Pup

Choosing the Right Tug for Your Pup - Bolder K9

The type of tug you should choose varies based on your dog's needs. Whether you have a dock diving pup, a working K9, or just a furry friend to play with, we've got options for everyone.



Our newest flagship tug toy: the Element Tug is durable, functional, and fully customizable. This tug uses tex 90 triple bonded polyester thread to ensure a strong hold on the BioThane as well as uphold its weather-resistant qualities. Available in 2.5" and 3" balls, this tug is best for medium to large dogs.

biothane tug toys resting on a log with leaves in background




Simple, minimalist and incredibly versatile: our Voyager Tug is our most popular product for a reason. It is a general-use tug that every dog will enjoy. With a hollow rubber Chew King ball that is easy to bite down on, this tug works well for most medium-large dogs.

biothane tug toys on a lush green background





An alternative version of our original Voyager Tug, the Voyager Ultimate Series Tug features a more traditional ball-on-rope toy approach. This tug is best for all dogs, including working dogs, that have a tendency to target the handle, as there are no rivets or screws near the ball. It also features speciality options such as our Kong Classic upgrade in red and black.

biothane tug toys on a dark background




The Trailblazer tug is best used for working dogs that specifically target both the ball or handle. With an integrated braid, our metal rivets are pulled away from the ball, leaving more room for your pup to grab the tug. The Trailblazer tug's braid also makes it stronger and more durable for daily use.

braided biothane tug toys being held by a person




Our Splash Tug is designed to float, making it perfect for dock diving or just playing in a lake. It features a Starmark Durafoam ball with less BioThane to increase buoyancy.

biothane tug toys held in the air with green background


No matter what your dog's needs are, we are always available to help. If you have specific questions regarding which tug toy would be best, feel free to reach out! We also are happy to design and handcraft something completely custom that meets your dogs specific needs.


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